How to reconnect children with nature

Splashing in puddles, building sandcastles and making daisy chains: The simple outdoor pleasures missed out on by today's computer-loving children 

  • Children are staying in playing computer games rather than go outside
  • Traditional games of splashing in puddles and squelchy mud disappearing
  • Almost two thirds of children have never made a daisy chain themselves 
  • Children spend less than five hours a week playing outside, less than the 11 hours a week their parents spent climbing trees and planting seeds  


Playing in the mud, making daisy chains and climbing trees are simple pleasures that have defined childhood for generations. But such youthful pursuits appear to be dying out as an increasing number of children play computer games instead. Researchers say dozens of outdoor activities that were almost universally enjoyed a generation ago are falling out of favour. 

The National Trust encourage children to reconnect with nature with a rahnge of activities our children are missing out on but thes are a few of our favrites :

1. Building sandcastles


Traditional childhood activities, such as building sandcastles, are in danger of disappearing as youngsters are choosing to stay inside and play computer games rather than take part in outdoor activities  

2. Splashing in puddles

Dozens of children are missing out on the fun of splashing in puddles and returning home soaking wet 

3. Climb a tree


Experts warn that simple outdoor pleasures, such as climbing trees, are in danger of becoming non-existent

4. Make a daisy chain

Making daisy chains can keep children occupied for quite some time. It's a good idea to start with them, then leave them to continue without you for a while.

5. Find frogspawn

Spring is a great time to discover how frogspawn transforms almost on a daily basis

6. Build a den

Building a den almost out of nothing is a wonderful experience and could be a life saving exercise later in life.

 7.  Grow fruit and vegetables

Only four in ten had planted seeds and just over a third had helped to grow fruit or vegetables. 

8. Go blackberry picking

Seven in ten had never been blackberry picking and two thirds had not flown a kite.

9. Have a picnic


Have a  picnic but not just in the back garden find a special place and experience the delights of outdoor eating.

10. Skim stones across a river


Skimming  stones is harder than you may think but once you've mastered it you won't stop the habit 

Location may be a key factor, with a quarter of parents saying they did not live near green spaces. Almost half admitted they were more concerned about letting children play outdoors than they had been in the past. 

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