Beauty in Decay

Recording often abandoned decaying interiors are rich pickings for photographers. David Wilson Photographer has captured moving images during his journey through Wales. The work of David Simonton has highlighted beauty in decay although he’s captured a slightly different era.

Even in my lifespan I have noticed change and this was notable during my research in the re-construction of Ty Unnos following the initial re-construction in 2006. I spent 5 years scouring the Welsh countryside in search of original home-made homes. Unfortunately the vast majorities of the cottages were in a sad state of repair - often abandoned and overgrown with vegetation. I must confess nothing quite prepares you for the excitement of discovering an abandoned cottage which preserves records of how they were built.

But I guess that things are always susceptible to change and I couldn't help thinking this during my visit to Barley Saturday held in Cardigan. How sad it would be if these traditions also disappear.