Dandelion Tea


Spring is a time to clean, detox and investigate how we feel in our bodies. Ask yourself this question: do I feel sluggish or energized?

When it comes to my mind and body, if something is feeling off, I turn to nature. I’ll smell Jasmine, walk through a wild garlic dwindle, lay in the grass. It’s not a coincidence that there are so many natural remedies.

This week, feeling tired and behind everything, I decided to turn to Dandelion Root. Though the flower (Taraxacum) is a pestering weed to many, I wouldn’t hack it away so fast; health-wise it detoxes the liver, promotes healthy digestion and aids weight loss.

You can buy prepackaged tea bags at health food stores or try a homemade remedy. The roots and leaves provide most of the nutrients but add the flowers for a burst of flavour. Just make sure to chose Dandelions that have not been sprayed.

Natural, nourishing and oh-so-good for you.